Live Video Streaming is fast becoming one of the key components to event. With the latest technology and increased availability of high speed mobile internet, streaming live video to the internet has become a viable way for schools, conferences, sports, weddings, funerals and other events to expand their audience and engage with a wider community.

Professionally live streaming your event has many benefits for both the organisers and viewers:

  • High quality stream that can be watched anywhere in the world whether that be at a work place, at home or on a mobile device.
  • Exposes your event to larger audience improving the profile of your event.
  • Provides an avenue for advertising products or sponsors.
  • Full HD recordings are produced for future use.
  • Streams can be sent to a number of different platforms such as Youtube or Livestream.
  • Complete social media integration can be achieved with Facebook Live.
  • Saves time and money for attendees through less travel and expenses for conferences hence reducing the environmental impact your company.

When using Living it Live to professionally stream your event we can provide you with all that you need:

  • Full HD Single or multi Camera productions.
  • Powerpoint and media capture.
  • Professional wireless audio.
  • TV quality production – without the TV broadcast price tag.
  • High quality bonded live streaming.
  • Stream to any platform/s including Livestream, Youtube Live, Facebook Live and many more.
  • Watch stream on any device – mobile phone, tablet, computer or other devices.
  • Full HD recordings for future use and archiving.
  • Full HD recordings to SD cards to sell to family, friends, conference/event attendees.
  • Live interviews captured from remote locations.
  • Connection to in venue large format displays.
  • Password protection and paywall events.
  • Technical expertise.

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