Enhance you event with a big LED screen.  This screen is brand new and great for media presentations, live video broadcasts, advertising, scoreboards and much more.  The screen come on it own trailer and has minimal set up time and can be ready in minutes. Here are some details about the screen.

  • Size – 3.5m wide x 2m high. (7sqm)
  • Resolution – P4.81mm – Native resolution of 727×415 pixels
  • Can be raised over 2.3m from the ground
  • Inputs – HDMI, SDI, VGA, DVI, Display Port, NDI and more
  • Power requirements 2 individual 10amp circuits for full brightness or single 10amp circuit at 60% brightness (suitable for evenings or indoors). Or can be powered by a generator
  • Audio system can be added.

Contact us today on 0400 153 199 or email us at info@livingitlive.com.au to book the screen for your next event.   We are based in Bendigo but will service all parts of Victoria, New South Wales and further.