Hi, I am Christopher Naunton, but since a young age I have been more commonly know as Toph.  For the past 10 years I have been chasing one of my passions in life, the outdoors.  I’ve relished the opportunity this gave me to work with people in some amazingly beautiful places, but now it is time for a change.

You may be asking, “Why a change to live event productions?” I have a strong interest in audio and video production, developing my skills and gathering experience over the last fifteen years.  This interest was largely fuelled by opportunities that took place during my schooling years.  A group of enthusiastic students produced every schooling event, from weekly assemblies to end of the year award nights.  I have also competed in sport at an elite level, both within Australia and overseas.  Participating in many major non-spectator friendly events, instilled within me, a desire to make sporting events spectator friendly and accessible to those that can’t be at the event.  Hence, ‘Living it Live’ was born.  By using my technical experience and expertise I am committed to providing the best possible coverage of your event, making it interesting and engaging through the use of a variety of different technologies.

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