Living it Live can make your event even more spectator friendly through the use of live GPS tracking.  We use the best quality server and the highest quality devices so that we maximise the enhancement of your event.  Live GPS tracking can be used in many sports for many reasons, whether it be tracking the competitors or the event staff.  Here are some types of events we could help.

  • MTB or Cycling events
  • Adventure Racing Events
  • Rogaines
  • Orienteering
  • Endurance Running
  • Charity Events
  • Motor Sports
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Triathlon
  • Rowing

For your event we would send the devices to you fully charged so that all your need to do is turn them on and distribute them to competitors.

If your event is outside of Australia, we can help you there as well.  Our sim cards can roam internationally.

If you would like to know more information or would like a quote please contact us.


Our tracking server is the best in the industry.  We allow the person to be able to follow the event on their PC, tablet, or phone.  The viewer will have full access to watching the tracking live but also able to replay the tracking, select individuals or groups that they wish to follow, adjust tail length, look at distances and speed of competitors, add custom split points and many many more features.  To see what the tracking platform is like replay the 2015 Australian Orienteering Champs here.  Or watch the short instructional video below.

Mockup tracking

Note: The tracking server is available in java and html based platform.  Also if your event doesn’t have a map it is simple to have the tracking be placed over open street map.  Sponsorship logos can be displayed on the tracking.


Currently we can offer 100 GL300w devices,  if your event needs more please contact us as we will be getting more in the future.  Features that you need to know about the trackers.

  • Weight of the device is 95 grams.
  • Built in memory of 10,000 location points so if there is no phone reception the device stores information and will transmit it when back in 3G service.
  • Devices have a waterproof rating of IP65.
  • Tracking interval can be set anywhere between 5 seconds to 90 seconds to allow for the best possible experience for the spectator.
  • Battery life in the device itself lasts about 24 hours at a tracking interval of 15 seconds.  For longer events a external battery pack is needed.
  • Transmitting of data is done via mobile phone reception – in particular the Telstra’s 3G network.
  • For running or riding events the competitors usually wear a vest or ‘bra’ (photo below) to help the device get best satellite and phone reception.
GPS Vest and Tracker
Note: Units will be sent via post to the event.  If devices are damaged or lost a replacement fee of $250 per tracker will need to be paid.

For more information or a quote please contact us.