Australian Easter 3 Days Program:

2/4 – A3D – Prologue –  GPS tracking (from last elite start)

3/4 – A3D – Day 1 –  GPS tracking (from last elite start)

4/4 – A3D – Day 2 – GPS tracking (from last elite start)

5/4 – A3D – Day 3 –  GPS tracking (from last elite start)

Oceania Live stream Playlists

Oceania GPS Tracking links:

Visit GPSeuranta main event list.

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These productions are being provided with some support from the orienteering events themselves but if you would like to see them more often, bigger and better, then please contact us if you can support or sponsor these productions.

Past events

For past events please head over to the Event Results page.

For tips on how to get the most out of tracking platform please look at the video below.